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Unsolicited Ideas Policy: In order to avoid any potential misunderstandings that could arise if a Glass Podcasts project appears to someone to be similar to their own creative project, Glass Podcasts does not accept Unsolicited Materials, whatsoever. “Unsolicited Materials” include, but are not limited to, ideas, suggestions or materials concerning new products, enhancements, content, characters, artwork, music, dialog, names, marketing or any other matters. Please, do not send any such Unsolicited Materials to Glass Podcasts. In the event that you still do send Unsolicited Materials to Glass Podcasts, then regardless of what any submission may say, any and all submitted Unsolicited Materials shall immediately become the sole property of Glass Podcasts, including any and all rights of copyright, trademark and/or patent, worldwide, including any and all extensions, forever. Glass Podcasts shall be entitled to unrestricted use of such Unsolicited Materials for any purpose without any compensation whatsoever to the provider of such Unsolicited Materials. So please, respect our policy, and do not send us any Unsolicited Materials.

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