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Confronting: Columbine

Confronting’s sophomore season, Confronting: Columbine, explores another transformative moment in American culture. Narrated by a Columbine High School senior and survivor, Amy Over, now 40 years old, Amy takes audiences back through the halls where the souls of twelve students and her basketball coach were lost over 20 years ago. Amy uncovers misnomers and falsehoods about the school shooting while also learning she was on the “hit list” of the killers on April 20th, 1999. The students from Columbine are now parents grappling with the reality that they are sending their own children into high schools now.

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Listener Reviews

Confronting Columbine

"Wonderful work, gripping and almost spiritual in its ability to offer compassion and healing to many involved in this..."

- Qwyupsjd

Confronting Columbine

"Such powerful important information. Keep fighting Amy you are doing great things."

- sohlmate

Confronting Columbine

"I was in high school on 4/20/1999. I remember the events from seeing it on the news. But this..."

- Wimbo

Confronting Columbine

"It was interesting to hear about how everyone is doing in life all these years later. There is so..."

- Southwest Royal

Confronting Columbine

"Confronting Columbine really hit me hard. It was an honor to hear so many tell their stories and hear..."

- thatsk8rchickat

Confronting Columbine

"Though the podcast deals with extremely heavy topics, there are also moments of laughter and lightness. It shows what..."

- 303 Magazine