Betrayal Podcast Season 2

Betrayal Season 2

Betrayal Season 2 follows the story of suburban Utah mom Ashley Lytton, who discovers her husband has a horrifying secret that jeopardizes the safety of their three children. It was a shocking crime that would alter Ashley and her family’s life forever. The plot follows her fight for justice for her daughter and protection from a predator too close to home. Through Ashley’s story, we learn the same crime is happening every day in households all over the country. It’s a betrayal of our families, communities and everything we value in society. Season Two lays the issue bare through the family’s story and takes an honest look at a huge problem most people don’t want to acknowledge.

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Listener Reviews

Betrayal Podcast

"Thank you for your honest and difficult reporting."

- k8ann76

Betrayal Podcast

"Interesting stories with very important information for everyone. The host is amazing and the stories are absolutely heartbreaking but..."

- annabanana67

Betrayal Podcast

"Gripping and informative. It is impossible to turn this podcast off!"

- Apple Podcast User

Betrayal Podcast

"Courageous and captivating. I really appreciate the courage involved in telling a story like this. I understand this subject..."

- lolaindigo

Betrayal Podcast

"Need more like this! This story is real life and so thankful for the shares. These are the stories..."

- anwanw1983

Betrayal Podcast

"I have found season 1 and now season 2 absolutely captivating. The recipe the producers use in putting together..."

- Trixie Cochise

Betrayal Podcast

"This podcast is very important on many levels. As someone who is a survivor and worked with survivors of..."

- Ptop5

Betrayal Podcast

"This was such a gripping story and I had to binge it because I needed to hear the whole..."

- Corrine54321

Betrayal Podcast

"I’m stunned. This is a powerful story. Heartbreaking but important. Mother and daughter are extremely strong and brave ladies..."

- 26Mitz