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Dating Diaries

What started as an outlet for singles to vent about the perils of dating during a pandemic evolved into the hit dating podcast of lockdown. Dating Diaries: Quarantine Confessions explored dating culture, relationships, intimacy and love in our #newnormal. Audiences heard first-hand accounts from all over the globe from the awkwardness of zoom dates to f*ckboys dropping more than just their masks. This podcast offers real stories filled with lots of humor and a little heartbreak delivered by charismatic, authentic hosts Andrea Gunning (Dre) and Ben Fetterman. The podcast quickly found an audience and was featured by Apple on its Flowcase calling the show “What desperate times call for.”

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Featured Apple "New & Noteworthy"
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Listener Reviews

Dating Diaries

"Perfect pod at the perfect time. Perfectly executed. I’m addicted."

- Open Table Girl

Dating Diaries

"Balanced commentary with quality content and guests. Would recommend for anyone looking for a quick dating pod."

- Atomp123

Dating Diaries

"1 love this pod. It’s easy and fun to listen to while also looking deep into the insanity we’re..."

- 1137w

Dating Diaries

"Compelling, personal stories about the challenges of relationships in quarantine combined with observations and commentary from the hosts, one..."

- Homebound in Philly

Dating Diaries

"This is such a great podcast. You guys are authentic and I love the stories."

- iruriudidhcci

Dating Diaries

"I love the realness of the stories… and the hosts are funny!"

- krud1234

Dating Diaries

"After 10 minutes into the first episode I was hooked!"

- Bpease240

Dating Diaries

"Dating Diaries: Quarantine Confessions follows the sweet and often hilarious stories, of people swiping on dating apps and maintaining..."

- People Magazine

Dating Diaries

"If you like reality shows,  this is the kind of podcast that might be for you."

- Forbes