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Confronting: OJ Simpson

The Confronting Podcast series explores transformative American events in modern US history from a human perspective. Season one, Confronting: O.J. Simpson, examined the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson and the Trial-of-the-Century through the eyes of those who witnessed it first-hand. Voiced by Kim Goldman, the podcast discussed the impact, collateral damage and emotional scars that remained 25 years later. This groundbreaking podcast enthralled the nation, brought 0. J. Simpson onto Twitter and became a “Podcast of the Year” in 2019 by The Atlantic and The Associated Press.

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Podcast of the Year: The Atlantic & The Associated Press

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Listener Reviews

"This podcast is painfully real, honest and grips you immediately. Brought me right back to watching everything unfold as..."

- Allymor

"I’m surprised by how emotional it is to listen to this podcast even all these years later. Excellent listen,..."

- rinzive

"Compelling, honest and heartbreaking. This podcast is really well done and asks all the questions I’ve always wondered about...."

- Christina Doren

"Such a compelling investigation that pulls at your heartstrings. It’s so nice to learn more about your brother and..."

- Angie71142

"Great idea for a podcast. Very in-depth, even down to the background music. Very informative, just unfortunate we are..."

- Jhub2000

"This is not your usual true crime podcast and is all the better for it."

- The Guardian

"Incredibly well done and highly produced. Really appreciate hearing from the victim’s family and their perspective."

- Coveredinrain410

"But by the second episode, listeners get to hear Kim’s interview chops and realize what the show is really..."

- The Atlantic